For over 45 years, Ken has worked as a social worker and therapist supporting individuals and families in times of difficulty and stress in their lives.  As well as offering his skills and experience, a focus of his work has been helping individuals of all ages discover and use their personal strengths and resources.  Ken’s goal is to most efficiently help you address areas in your life which are negatively impacting your current and future happiness.

As well as using traditional talk and  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy styles, Ken utilizes a variety of very unique and effective therapy approaches, to support clients on their path to having more Peace in their lives.  Innovative techniques incorporating  Energy Therapies including Logosynthesis,  and Tibetan Singing Bowls, are some of the methods Ken occasionally employs to effectively deal with highly stressful events and the impact of trauma.

Ken works openly and in collaboration with clients, bringing his wide-ranging experience and skills to the situation.  However he clearly understands that it is your life and not his; and therefore as a client you control the choices of intervention used.

” I Strive to Support People of all Ages, Empowering Them to Effectively Deal with Their Life’s Challenges ”      Ken


Ken offers Assistance to Individuals of all Ages in Dealing with a Wide Variety of Difficulties in Their Lives.   His Expertise and Experience Includes but are Not Limited to the Following Issues

Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Depression Difficulties

The very definition of Stress is the Adaption of a Person’s Body and Mind to any demand for Change that is made on it.  Stress isn’t even connected to whether you want something or like it.  Rather, it’s connected to the Intensity and Duration of the Change and the amount of Adaption Required.  For example, most people would say that getting Married and having Children were some of the Happiest Times of their Lives, and yet most would admit they were amongst the Most Stressful Time Periods as so many changes occur on Many Levels.  While obviously unwanted things that happen are more stressful, the  Intensity, Importance  and the Demand for Change connected to Marriage and having Children make them Stressful, despite our Desire for Them.

If Change is the Root Cause of Stress, it’s easy to see why so many of us are “Stressed Out”.  Change is occurring at an unheard of rate in History, and the Traditional Stabilizing Supports like Extended Families have often Largely Disappeared.  Anxiety and Panic Disorders are largely Our Response to a sense of being Overwhelmed and Feeling like You may Not be able to Stay in Control and “Keep it Altogether”.

Depression, like many difficulties is a Complex Multifaceted One.  Psychotherapy has been shown as Beneficial to People struggling with Depression. While often Biochemically connected,  Depression often appears to be a side effect of  Chronically Feeling Hopeless that things can change positively.  Over the years, many Individuals who have suffered this terrible disorder have said that they found working with Ken very beneficial, using both the Traditional Psychotherapy as well as the Energy Therapy Work.

Physical, Sexual and Emotional Trauma

Trauma occurs in many people’s lives.  It can be from accidental or intentional events and the negative result of trauma can be significant.  It’s effect can be life-altering and it’s impact lifelong.  Thankfully, there are Very Effective Approaches, which, in conjunction with Traditional Talk Therapy, can often be of Significant Help.  Some of these Energy tools can have an almost Immediate Impact and the Resulting Release from the Body’s Triggering Terror never gets re-experienced with the same intensity.  Ken regularly uses Logosynthesis. Ken regularly works with victim’s of Physical and Sexual Assaults, Car Accidents and Member’s who have left the Canadian Armed Forces.

Grief Support to Those Who have Experienced Significant Loss

The One Unchangeable Reality in Life, is that everything that lives, from plants, animals and people,  All will die.  It is strange that the One Inescapable Thing that will occur to us all,  is the One Thing that as a Society People do not talk about!  This often leaves us Feeling Blindsided when we Inevitably Face Significant Personal Loss, or Not Knowing how to Support Others who are Grieving.

For over 30 years, Ken has worked with Loss and Grief Issues.  Many people struggle with Grief as losing a loved one is usually the most emotional pain we experience in our lifetime.  However,  Unexpected and Traumatic Deaths  often cause the Most Difficulty in Healing and Moving Forward.  The on-going effects of the Shock or Trauma can block our Natural Ability to heal and move forward,  even in grief.  By its Nature, Trauma Overwhelms Us, and can Interfere with Moving Forward, even many years later. Thankfully there are techniques which can often shift things and help “Free One Up”  be able to release Trauma’s Imprint and Move Forward Healthfully.

Support for Persons with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities are Amongst the Most Vulnerable in our Society, and therefore are among those who most frequently suffer Bullying, Abuse and Trauma from others. Ken has regularly been involved with people who have Developmental as well as Physical Disabilities whether the disability be from birth, a result of an accident, or a neurological disease.  Over the past thirty years, Ken has worked with Adolescents and Adults who are on the Autistic Spectrum.  As well as talk therapy and trauma tools, he often employs Non-Verbal  Tools like Tibetan Singing Bowls as well as Attachment Based Work in Supporting Individuals with some form of Disability.

Meet Ken

Ken is an Experienced Therapist who has worked Full Time in a wide variety of settings with people of All Ages and Needs since early in 1979.  He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology as well as a Masters Degree in Social Work. Over the past Forty Years, Ken has continued Regular Training and Wide Ranging Skill Development;  staying Current with New Developments in his Field and Beyond.

His career began in  Child Welfare covering one third of Cumberland County.  His responsibilities included working with a mixed caseload of intake, caring for Children in Temporary and Permanent Foster Placements and Adoption.

Ken was then employed at the Abbie Lane Hospital in Halifax working in the field of  Psychiatric Social Work on both Inpatient and Outpatient Units.  While there, he also supported families of Adults who were on a Behavioural Unit for Individuals with Extreme Developmental Disabilities

In 1982, he and his Wife, also a Social Worker, moved to British Columbia becoming Full Time Live-In Group Home Parents for Three Years. There they ran a  Therapeutic Treatment Home serving up to Five Teenagers and their Families at a time.

Returning to Nova Scotia, Ken first began to work directly with Palliative and Grief Issues, assisting many Cancer Patients and their Families at the Halifax Infirmary Hospital on the Medical and Orthopaedic units.

Several years later, his move to the IWK Children’s Hospital saw his main responsibility in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.   He also served as the Social Worker on the   Neurosurgery and Neurology Units.  For the Five Years  Ken was at the IWK, his exposure to Trauma and Grief significantly informed his approaches with this work.

In 1992, Ken was part of a Forward- Thinking group of Therapists who opened  Breakthrough,  a Private Therapy Co-Operative.  Instead of focusing on the Individual Problems, a Person’s Strengths with which to help them Address the Challenges in their Lives was the goal.   For the next Twenty-Five Years at Breakthrough, Ken’s Goal was to provide Highly Skilled and Compassionate Support looking at Client’s Own Gifts to Deal with Issues Confronting Them.

Ken is now Operating his Own Individual Psychotherapy Practice within the space of The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre



Many Insurance Plans cover Ken’s Services  and Professional Rates.  Check with your Individual Insurance Provider or Your Specific Plan to ensure that your policy provides Social Work Coverage, as Unfortunately Not All Do.

Private Pay Individuals, Please contact Ken Directly regarding his Fee Structure and Payment Details.

Contact Ken

Phone:   #   902-222-6020  Please leave a message.


E-Mail :         ken@kenosbournetherapy.com
Convenient Hours      Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Located at 36 Brookshire Court, Suite 200, Bedford, NS B4A 4E9

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Ken’s Office is Located Within  The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre   – https://thecompassrose.ca/

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